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Requirements for international courier shipments to Uzbekistan

  1. By weight: one parcel per recipient (exclusively for an individual) should not exceed 30 kg. (i.e., to avoid further misunderstanding, only one box should be sent per recipient)
  1. By size: maximum: 1.5 meters for one of the measurements or 3 meters of the sum of the length and the largest circumference taken in a direction other than the length. Minimum: 90×140 mm with a deviation of 2 mm (with a minimum thickness of 50 mm).
  1. Cost: USD $1,000 per quarter (3 months) for one recipient for exemption from customs duties and VAT; within the limits of goods not subject to excise tax (attached) – for exemption from excise tax.
  1. By quantity: in one parcel: the quantity of each type of product should not exceed 3 units. For example: footwear (classic, sports, other types), clothes – can be of the same size, but not the same exact pair, vitamins can vary up to the number of 5, but must have different names, etc.
  2. By recipient: The information of an individual must be real (i.e. the individual must actually exist). The customs authorities can check: the passport data of the recipient through the IC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; address data through the address bureau; the recipient, directly calling the customs post.
  1. According to the documentation: for each parcel, it is necessary to prepare a commercial invoice with three copies (the form is attached). The sender must fill out a commercial invoice for each parcel, as well as sign it and then send it along with the parcel. The first copy is attached to the parcel; the second copy remains with the operator and the provider; the third copy accompanies the parcel and is presented to customs officers. Each commercial invoice must contain information about the recipient, as well as the name, weight, quantity, and declared value of each item. For a complete consignment prepared for shipment, it is necessary to prepare a Cargo Manifesto (Cargo Manifesto) in one copy, which will also accompany the consignment and be provided to customs officers. The cargo manifesto (Cargo Manifesto) must contain information indicating the tracking number of each parcel, information on recipients (full name, passport data), gross weight, and total cost of each parcel (the form is attached).