International shipping from the United States


New Operation in Philadelphia now operates in Philadelphia as well.
You can contact our representative by phone: (215) 869-5454,
they will answer any of your questions and help you arrange your parcel correctly.
PickUp is also available in Philadelphia.
Prices for sending parcels to Philadelphia:
Uzbekistan $3.45 per 1 lb
Kyrgyzstan $3.65 per 1 lb
Kazakhstan $3.65 per 1 lb (+ $10.00 delivery fee for parcels throughout Kazakhstan) Georgia $3.04 per 1 lb

Parcel Collection Location in Queens

We now have a parcel collection location in the borough of Queens. You can now send parcels near your home. The machine is located at: 64-46 108 Street, Forest Hill, NY. Call our agent at: (347) 579-9380 Hours of mobile collection in the city of Queens: Monday to Friday: 5pm - 7pm Saturday, Sunday: 12pm - 4pm Prices for sending Queens parcels: Uzbekistan $3.18 per 1 lb Kyrgyzstan $3.50 per 1 lb Kazakhstan $3.50 per 1 lb (+ $ 10 delivery fee for parcels throughout Kazakhstan) There is also a PickUp service in Queens.

Parcels to Kazakhstan is pleased to inform you that we have a new price for sending parcels to Kazakhstan. Now we can deliver your packages for $3.20 per 1 lb. Delivery of one parcel to your home, across the entire territory of Kazakhstan, will amount to an additional fee of $10.00.

International shipping from the United States


Minimal Delivery Times

SmartPost is a new generation logistics service that allows you to deliver your cargo as quickly
as possible to any destination. We use all available modes of transport and have an extensive
partner network abroad. Our professionals work 24/7 to ensure that you receive your goods
efficiently and speedily.


Affordable Rates

A modern approach to delivery and our partner network abroad help us provide the best
price-quality ratio for our clients. Our prices are on average 10% lower than those of other
companies, and we still maintain a high level of quality.


Cargo Tracking 24/7

You can check the status of your cargo anywhere and anytime by simply going to the cargo
tracking page.

Our Services will help you deliver parcels from the United States of America to any region of
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
We can send parcels to any region of Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan at a single price.
The average delivery time for a parcel from the United States is 5 days. delivers bulk and oversized goods (TVs, musical instruments, auto parts, etc.).
The cost of delivery of an oversized parcel is calculated according to the following formula:
Length (inches) * Width (inches) * Height (inches) / 366 = VW kg (volumetric weight)
The resulting figure is multiplied by the shipping cost for 1 kg.

Use our service for the consolidation of goods. You can combine goods from several
manufacturers in our warehouse in the United States of America, and then send them in a
single batch to your home. This will allow you to significantly save on international parcel delivery.

Our mail delivery service allows you to send personal or business mail correspondence.
Our company organizes the transportation of letters and documents with a guarantee of
confidentiality. Delivery of correspondence in envelopes and security packages is also available.

Our experts provide services for the organization of international transport. Employees of our
company will help bring any cargo from the United States with the necessary registrations and
stamps from an official customs representative.

Many American stores do not have delivery to CIS countries. This is easy to fix with our service.
that will bring orders from the United States to your city, through convenient pick-up points.