New Operation in Philadelphia now operates in Philadelphia as well.
You can contact our representative by
phone: (215) 869-5454,

they will answer any of your questions and help you arrange your parcel

PickUp is also available in Philadelphia.

Prices for sending parcels to Philadelphia:

Uzbekistan $3.45 per 1 lb

Kyrgyzstan $3.65 per 1 lb

Kazakhstan $3.65 per 1 lb (+ $10.00 delivery fee for parcels throughout Kazakhstan)
Georgia $3.04 per 1 lb

Parcel Collection Location in Queens

We now have a parcel collection location in the borough of Queens. You can now send parcels
near your home. The machine is located at: 64-46 108 Street, Forest Hill, NY.
Call our agent at: (347) 579-9380
Hours of mobile collection in the city of Queens:
Monday to Friday: 5pm – 7pm
Saturday, Sunday: 12pm – 4pm
Prices for sending Queens parcels:
Uzbekistan $3.18 per 1 lb
Kyrgyzstan $3.50 per 1 lb
Kazakhstan $3.50 per 1 lb (+ $ 10 delivery fee for parcels throughout Kazakhstan)
There is also a PickUp service in Queens.

Parcels to Kazakhstan is pleased to inform you that we have a new price for sending parcels to
Now we can deliver your packages for $3.20 per 1 lb. Delivery of one parcel to
your home, across the entire territory of Kazakhstan, will amount to an additional fee of $10.00.

Uzbekistan $3.00 per 1 lb

Dear customers, only has the cheapest prices for sending a parcel to Uzbekistan
($3.00 per 1 lb).
This price also includes delivery straight to your door.
A modern approach to transportation makes the delivery of parcels more affordable for our customers.
You no longer need to worry about how to deliver goods.
We offer the best rates, service and help to deliver parcels to any region of Uzbekistan at a single price!

We Have a New Route to Kyrgyzstan allows you to deliver parcels and large cargo shipments which is great news for
Kyrgyzstan because we have opened a route to your country.
Now citizens of Kyrgyzstan have the opportunity to receive goods regardless of their location. has a huge partner network abroad, and we take pride in our high quality.
Only we have a price of $3.20 per 1 lb.
With you can send a parcel to any region of Kyrgyzstan at a single price!

We Have a New Site!

Not sure how to contact
It’s very easy to do! Visit our website
in the Contact section or call our phone number (718) 332-3332, we will answer all your
questions. By choosing, you will receive the best rates, quality service, and the
shortest delivery times for parcels. is waiting for your call!